Collab: Lang Lang Don't Cry + illusyu

10/27/2018 Update:

THANK YOU again for the support! All pre-order 1400 Calendars SOLD OUT!

All proceeds go to Lang Lang Don’t Cry in creating a better space for their new Taipei Location (open early 2019).

再度感謝大家的支持,1400份的限量桌曆已經被搶購一空! 謝謝你們!


10/20/2018 Update:

Thank you all for the love and support! The first batch of 500 calendars sold out within 12 hours! Lang Lang Don’t Cry has added a second batch of 900 calendars. Pre-order yours here.


My collaboration with Lang Lang Don’t Cry is now live! You can purchase this limited edition calendar from their online store. Hope you enjoy it!

與浪浪別哭合作的限量桌曆今天正式上線了! 預購網址請點這裡.

*Lang Lang Don’t Cry donates 3% of all income to animal foster care organization listed below:

Faith for Animals (相信動物)

Heart of Taiwan Animal Care (台灣之心愛護動物協會)

Art Gallery: Presented by GaliGabi

The Pet Portraits Project