The Pet Portraits Project

A couple years back, I came across a foster animal café in Taiwan called Lang Lang Don't Cry. They provide an open space for people to interact with foster animals, which helps the fosters cats and dogs get socialized (most of them are rescues who need time to rebuild trust with humans). They also host workshops and adoption events to educate people on the importance of responsible pet ownership. And because they run their foster system as a restaurant and café, they are able to be self-sufficient in helping the animals in need. Most of my paintings are based on the dogs and cats they have fostered. They truly are my inspiration for starting this project.

By doing one small portrait at a time, I am hoping to raise awareness and bring exposure to foster animals. These paintings are focused on each of the individual animals and their unique patterns, shapes, and personalities, rather than on their breeds.

Hope you enjoy it.


Collab: Lang Lang Don't Cry + illusyu

Animals Fostering/Adoption organizations